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Markdown Footnotes Test Document

This document should help with testing of footnotes support that is introduced by the "markdown-footnotes" branch. It might look pretty misformatted unless rendered by the proper Fossil executable that incorporates the abovementioned branch.1
That is also a humble attempt to explore the robustness of the Markdown parser. So please excuse for the mess in the source code of this document. By no means the normal use of footnotes should look that scarry.

Developers are invited to add test cases here2. It is suggested that the more simple is a test case the earlier it should appear in this document.3

A footnote's label should be case insensitive4, it is whitespace-savvy and can even contain newlines.5

A labeled footnote may be referenced several times6.

A footnote's text should support Markdown markup7.
Markup within a text fragment of a span-bounded footnote7 should also be rendered.

Another reference6 to the preveously used footnote.

Inline footnotes are supported.8

This is a corner case that is rendered as an empty footnote9.

If undefined label is used10 then red "misref" is emited instead of a numeric marker.misref This can be overridden by the skin though.

The refenrence at the end of this sentence is the sole reason of rendering of lost1 and lost211.

If several labeled footnote definitions have the same equal label then texts from all these definitions are joined.12

Several references should be recognized as several distinct numbers.136

If markup is ambigous between a span-bounded footnote and a "free-standing" footnote followed by another footnote then interpret as the later case. This facilitates the usage in the usual case when several footnotes are refenrenced at the end of a phrase.14615misref

A footnote may not be empty(^) or consist just of blank characters.(^

The same holds for labeled footnotes. If definition of a labeled footnote is blank then it is not accepted by the first pass of the parser and is recognized during the second pass as misreference.misref:

It is possible to provide a list of classes for a particular footnote and all its references. This is achieved by prepending a footnote's text with a special token that starts with dot and ends with colon.16
This feature is "opt-in": there is nothing wrong in starting a footnote's text with a token of that form while not defining any corresponding classes in the stylesheet.17 If a footnote consists just of a valid userclass token then this token is not interpreted as such, instead it is emitted as plain text.181920

Click here and here to test escaping of REQUEST_URI in the generated footnote markers.

A depth of nesting must be limited.21


  1. ^ Footnotes is a Fossil' extention of Markdown. Your other tools may have limited support for these.
  2. ^ History of test/
  3. ^ So that simple cases are processed even if a glitch happens for more tricky cases.
  4. ^ And also tolerate whitespaces.
  5. ^ But at a footnote's definition it should still be written within square brackets on a single line.
  6. ^ a b c d Each letter on the left is a back-reference to the place of use. Highlighted back-reference indicates a place from which navigation occurred22.
  7. ^ a b E.g. emphasis, and so on. BTW, this note may not have a backreference to the "stray".
  8. ^ These may be usefull for adding small comments.
  9. ^
  10. ^ For example due to a typo.
  11. ^ This note was defined in the middle of the document. It references its previous23 and the forthcoming22 siblings.
  12. ^
    • This came from the begining of the document.
    • Labeled footnote definition may appear anywhere. That part came from inside of an inline style definition.
    • .with.UPC.token:
      When duplicates are joined their UPC tokens are treated as plain-text. Blank characters between token and main text must be preserved.
    • And that came from the end of the document.
  13. ^ There should be an interval between numbers.
  14. ^ Which is common in the scientific publications.
  15. ^ All these four should be parsed as "free-standing" footnotes
  16. ^ .alpha-Numeric123.EXAMPLE: This token defines a dot-separated list of CSS classes which are added to that particular footnote and also to the corresponding reference(s). Hypens ('-') are also allowed. Classes from the token are tranformed to lowercase and are prepended with "fn-upc-" to avoid collisions.
  17. ^ .unused.classes: In that case text of the footnote just looks like as if no special processing occured.
  18. ^ .bare.classlist.inside.inline.footnote:
  19. ^ .at.the.1st.line.of.labeled.footnote.definition:
  20. ^ .at.the.2nd.line.of.labeled.footnote.definition:
  21. ^ .L.1: A long chain of nested inline footnotes...24
  22. ^ a b c This note was defined at the end of the document. It defines an inline note.25
  23. ^ This note was defined at the begining of the document.
  24. ^ .L.2: is a rather unusual thing...26
  25. ^ This is inline note defined inside of a labeled note22.
  26. ^ .L.3: and requires extra CPU cycles for processing.27
  27. ^ .L.4: Theoretically speaking O(n2).28
  28. ^ .L.5: Thus it is worth dismissing those footnotes...29
  29. ^
    .L.6: that are nested deeper than on a certain level.
           .L.7: A particular value for that limit...
            is hard-coded in src/markdown.c ...
             in function `markdown()` ...
              in variable named `maxDepth`.
               For the time being, its value is **5**
  30. ^ a b c Misreference
  31. [^ i am strayed ]
    This should be presented **verbatim** (without any [markup][^])
    in the end of the footnotes.
    Default skin renders label in red font and the main text in gray.
    Other styling may also apply.
  32. [^ another stray ]
    Just to verify the correctness of ordering and styling.
  33. [^ stray with upc ]
    A token of user-provided classes must be rendered within strays.
    Aslo: this and the previous line may not have extra indentation.
  34. [^ <script>alert("you have been pwned!");</script> ]
    Labels are escaped
  35. [^ <textarea>"last words here...' ]
    <textarea>Content is also escaped</textarea>