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Fix harmless typos reported by forum post 15f7327318. ... (file: [70e697a5] check-in: [f3adbd88] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 8401)
Fix a minor footnotes-related bug that was discovered by Stephan: if a free-standing footnote reference follows immediately after the exclamation mark then parse that as a footnote (and not as an image). This check-in also postpones initialization of a few local variables within char_link() function (which may save a few CPU cycles). ... (file: [045ad3a5] check-in: [97b28fea] user: george branch: trunk, size: 8403)
Remove redundant assert() that fails for the case when the content of a span-bounded inline footnote is rendered into a void. This is a corner case that was revealed via fuzzing. ... (file: [579dd8cc] check-in: [cab8a586] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 8110)
Add a test case for fragment-bounded footnote that contains markup within the corresponding text fragment. ... (file: [f52e58cc] check-in: [d38ec43d] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 8035)
Fix handling of user-provided classes for unreferenced, joined and overnested footnotes. In all these cases the tokens of user-provided classes are rendered as plain-text and no special classes are added anywhere. ... (file: [eb22620b] check-in: [875472a8] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 7893)
Impose a limit on the depth of nesting of inline footnotes. Also add a few test cases: for depth limiting and HTML hijacking. ... (file: [5b12f022] check-in: [f4ff013a] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 7368)
Handle some corner cases more thoroughly: dismiss empty footnotes, passthrough (more carefully) user-provided classlist if the token is not followed by a blank character or if a footnote's text consists just of such token and blank characters. Also simplify a little bit a few places inside of is_footnote() function. ... (file: [d8b201e3] check-in: [fe315780] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 6231)
If a footnote's text starts with a token of the special form then use this token to derive a set of CSS classes that are added to that footnote and its references. This enables users to style elements of a particular footnote provided that the administrator provisioned and documented some special CSS classes in a custum skin. Default skin does not provide any of such special classes which makes this feature an "opt-in". ... (file: [8bee0450] check-in: [92516ced] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 5384)
If markup is ambigous between a "span-bounded" footnote and a "free-standing" footnote followed by another footnote then interpret as the later case. ... (file: [a9fe2039] check-in: [b363a4db] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 3875)
Clean-up and polish relevant CSS and HTML's class names. Insure visual spacing between footnotes' markers so that numbers are distinguishable when multiple footnotes in a row are used. Factor out auxiliary decorations from HTML into the default CSS, to enable customization via skins. ... (file: [5cbf9f24] check-in: [2b1375ab] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 3463)
Handle unreferenced footnotes. If a labeled footnote is defined but there are no references to it, then add a special item at the end of footnotes. This item includes a label and the text of the strayed footnote - both rendered verbatim via html_escape(). Default skin makes such items visible and easily distinguishable. The order of such items match the order in the underlying source code. ... (file: [6c926891] check-in: [ada55cd4] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 3332)
If several footnotes are defined with the same label then join them into a single footnote. Text from each definition becomes an item in the list. This solution makes such situations noticable for the usual case (when this is an oversight) but also not obtrusive for the rare cases (when this is intentional). The list is provided with a special class to enable styling via skin customization.
This check-in is known to cause crash, see the forthcoming check-in.
... (file: [78dfb41d] check-in: [544df852] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 2767)
Handle misreferences more thoroughly. Implement support of footnotes-within-footnotes with (hopefully) proper crosslinking (that's where it's getting tricky). ... (file: [7f71c542] check-in: [1787f6df] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 2520)
Handle misreferences: a reference to undefined footnote. ... (file: [5864be46] check-in: [28e6a9cd] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 1944)
Add file test/ that is suggested as an accumulator of footnotes-specific test cases. ... (file: [9592293b] check-in: [fe9e6ff9] user: george branch: markdown-footnotes, size: 1455)