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About branch deltify-tkt-blobs

The purpose of the deltify-tkt-blobs branch is to improve handling of tickets with long text fields. This topic was initially brought up in the forum post "RFC: Better machinery for tickets with elaborated description".

The primary motivating example is a TICKET table with description column, accompanied by customized /tktnew, /tktview and /tktedit pages, that let a user to make arbitrary edits to ticket's description. A TICKET table may have several such columns, but for brevity any of such columns will be denoted as Description in the following.

For such ticket schema this branch brings-in three improvements:

  1. Deltification of artifacts that hold edits of a ticket's Description, which enables more compact storage (and thus reduces disk usage).
    See check-ins 0f4a0fe82a, c3e7ed3089

  2. Improvement to the /tkthistory page: when appropriate, changes to the Description fields are rendered as unified diffs.
    See check-ins b75a9d0fa3, b2049d643b

  3. Resolving an issue with redundant back-references originating from outdated/superseded values within TICKET table. See check-ins 668e45baff, 4d5ded5eea and forum thread a6ba08e926.

How to use it

Items 1 and 2 from the above are "opt-in" features. These are activated only when a TICKET table contains a phony INTEGER column "baseline for $name", where $name stands for the name of the actual column provisioned for the aforementioned frequently changing text (e.g. "description"). This phony column "baseline for $name" is used for internal bookkeeping and must not be used by the user.

Also in this branch

Check-in 4bb91f38a8 adds id attributes to the list items on the /tkthistory pages, and check-in 7afd4db3d3 adds highlighting to the list item that is being navigated to.

Check-in 2d0b2bda87dd fixes a missing </li>, and check-in 0dd5451d7f53 removes redundant PRE tags on the /wdiff pages.

19 check-ins related to "deltify-tkt-blobs"
Improve correctness, usability and efficiency for the case when values in a TICKET's column tend to be long and volatile.

Owner of a repository may specify one or several TICKET's columns so that delta-compression is tried for the corresponding ticket change artifacts and the corresponding changes on the /tkthistory page are rendered via unified diffs.

See details in the associated wiki. ... (check-in: 872a3b23 user: george tags: trunk)

Add comments for auxiliary local variables inside ticket_output_change_artifact(). ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 53b66cf6 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Typo fix in ... (check-in: 141793c4 user: stephan tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Merge trunk into deltify-tkt-blobs branch. ... (check-in: 86916df5 user: stephan tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Fix a typo in a comment. ... (check-in: a2ed1119 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Add more comments and a changelog item. No code changes. ... (check-in: e690df08 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
The check for whether to continue during sync due to outstanding "uvgimme" requests was being skipped in clone -u mode due to misordered tests at the end of the client side of the sync protocol. ... (check-in: 52648d03 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Highlight a ticket's change that corresponds to the URL's fragment of the /tkthistory page. ... (check-in: 7afd4db3 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Rework the previous check-in to fix incorrect backlinks' sources for the case when values are appended to a field (i.e. a value of J-card starts with '+'). Consider a reference to 77ab05a0e9 from [caeb7d672df20] for an example which was handled incorrectly by [668e45baff99]. ... (check-in: 4d5ded5e user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Fix redundant back-references originating from outdated/superseded values within TICKET table. See forum thread a6ba08e926. ... (check-in: 668e45ba user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Fix naming of columns on the /test-backlinks page. ... (check-in: 6a5604f4 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
On the /tkthistory page supply each ticket change item with a corresponding id attribute and make the 'History' button within a submenu of a /tinfo page to link back to that particular element on the /tkthistory page. ... (check-in: 4bb91f38 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Minor optimization and refactoring. ... (check-in: b2049d64 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Improve /tkthistory page: render selected ticket fields as unified diffs. ... (check-in: b75a9d0f user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Remove redundant PRE tags on the /wdiff pages. ... (check-in: 0dd5451d user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Add a missing closing LI tag for the /tkthistory page. ... (check-in: 2d0b2bda user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Minor optimization within getAllTicketFields() function. ... (check-in: c3e7ed30 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)
Make it possible to store similar ticket change artifacts as deltas. This might be useful when a certain column of the TICKET table holds a lengthy text that may undergo frequent modifications.

This is an opt-in feature. It is activated only when TICKET table contains a phony INTEGER column "baseline for $name" where $name stands for the name of the actual column provisioned for the aforementioned frequently changing text. ... (check-in: 0f4a0fe8 user: george tags: deltify-tkt-blobs)

Add the "Timeline" submenu link on the setup_edit page, for ordinary users. Change the "Access Log" link on that same page so that it is only present for ordinary users - not special users like "reader" or "developer". ... (check-in: 6f70a236 user: drh tags: trunk)