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50 most recent ticket changes

18:05 Ticket [c4677b05] Make "help" command smarter to reduce the need for "-a" option status still Open with 6 other changes artifact: 0b6a3caf user: wyoung
17:56 Ticket [683457aa] localtime on server not syncronized. "strange" behaviour in fossil status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 8c9f5e95 user: wyoung
17:43 Ticket [c541b6e7] Allow tech notes to have binary attachments, with CLI support status still Open with 6 other changes artifact: 704a99f3 user: wyoung
11:11 New ticket [c541b6e7]. artifact: 858e3bf3 user: dave.vines
14:04 Fixed ticket [674d5d55]: The timeline does not filter by an unexisting tag plus 3 other changes artifact: 381db025 user: drh
04:55 Ticket [674d5d55]: 3 changes artifact: c041a1c2 user: andygoth
18:30 Closed ticket [b6eea944]: database is locked error for 'fossil all' commands that need to modify the config database plus 4 other changes artifact: 809c35ad user: mistachkin
20:18 Ticket [b6eea944]: 4 changes artifact: 0e5e9aaa user: mistachkin
15:25 Fixed ticket [c34c31cc]: Suggested addition to Fossil->Git section on Import and Export page plus 3 other changes artifact: 921ce74f user: drh
15:20 Closed ticket [8d073be8]: diff/editor/gdiff settings don't support paths with spaces plus 4 other changes artifact: 1cf469bf user: drh
02:19 Closed ticket [2a34de01]: "wiki unlist" as a possible solution to deleting wiki pages. plus 3 other changes artifact: a46e06e3 user: drh
02:19 Closed ticket [baea028a]: Add command line parameter for project name plus 3 other changes artifact: 3b923626 user: drh
02:18 Closed ticket [2bda0f13]: The baseurl parameter must be used in submenus of web-interface plus 3 other changes artifact: 4a168c67 user: drh
02:15 Closed ticket [d6d16fe1]: Uppercase/lowercase issue on Windows plus 3 other changes artifact: cc2d1907 user: drh
02:01 Closed ticket [6aeda5a5]: plus 3 other changes artifact: 0d936169 user: drh
01:59 Closed ticket [311671db]: plus 4 other changes artifact: 000b8545 user: drh
01:49 Fixed ticket [5ba427be]: Fossil clobbers existing files when creating new repo plus 2 other changes artifact: 0c1fa911 user: drh
01:08 Closed ticket [b7fc3f05]: fossil clean --force doesn't remove empty directories plus 3 other changes artifact: a7523e6e user: drh
01:08 Closed ticket [b95e3635]: linking back to main fossil home page plus 3 other changes artifact: 02873eb8 user: drh
01:07 Closed ticket [7d2bdb0e]: square brackets in $manifest_version are a problem plus 3 other changes artifact: 805b4859 user: drh
01:06 Closed ticket [74a95e62]: Visual indicator for which code check in being viewed plus 3 other changes artifact: e5f8160c user: drh
01:03 Closed ticket [f1c8f2d3]: 'diff' command in the web-interface plus 3 other changes artifact: 1cdf9dfd user: drh
01:03 Closed ticket [ab82a0bd]: Enhance <nowiki>[]</nowiki> linking syntax in the wiki to permit #LABEL for internal links. plus 3 other changes artifact: 0e21eb0f user: drh
01:02 Closed ticket [665995e4]: no such table: vvar plus 3 other changes artifact: fb792580 user: drh
01:02 Closed ticket [23847641]: Make the http command working on Windows. plus 3 other changes artifact: a843cb75 user: drh
01:01 Closed ticket [e8ac8327]: Errors on the server side do not get well-propagated to the client side. plus 3 other changes artifact: 472a4e24 user: drh
01:01 Closed ticket [13db6dce]: Support for proxy authentication plus 3 other changes artifact: d9e7c654 user: drh
01:00 Closed ticket [7c88d109]: Define branch access rules per user plus 3 other changes artifact: d1bcda9a user: drh
01:00 Closed ticket [bd5614b0]: date's sequence verification plus 3 other changes artifact: 0d4e000f user: drh
00:59 Closed ticket [e65daa10]: Unable to open a project due to null contents of VC source file plus 3 other changes artifact: ebdec050 user: drh
00:58 Closed ticket [e816200f]: Shunning cause Assertion failure! plus 3 other changes artifact: e9741893 user: drh
00:57 Closed ticket [cb6baa16]: Wiki output strips <div> plus 3 other changes artifact: 4e0d9f3f user: drh
00:57 Closed ticket [b92c4160]: Add a class attribute to comments appended to a Wiki page plus 3 other changes artifact: 2efd9f65 user: drh
00:56 Fixed ticket [9a42dd09]: fossil pull has to be run multiple times plus 3 other changes artifact: b87eed04 user: drh
00:55 Closed ticket [83af1f54]: fossil rollback plus 3 other changes artifact: 722ce13f user: drh
00:54 Closed ticket [1d18a7c1]: Force entry of required fields to create a new ticket. plus 3 other changes artifact: bbc29182 user: drh
00:54 Closed ticket [0c657fd3]: Allow aliases on commands plus 3 other changes artifact: b1d1baf7 user: drh
00:53 Fixed ticket [263b4530]: Add configuration to adjust length of version UUID plus 4 other changes artifact: c46e2f91 user: drh
00:53 Closed ticket [04a259be]: operations upon all files plus 3 other changes artifact: 83076e9d user: drh
00:52 Fixed ticket [7636b10d]: option to abort checkin if comment is empty plus 3 other changes artifact: 06946ad3 user: drh
00:30 Ticket [674d5d55] The timeline does not filter by an unexisting tag status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 2539ee50 user: anonymous
15:24 Fixed ticket [e36b52c1]: make wiki (code?, bugs?) searchable plus 3 other changes artifact: 4eae8100 user: drh
21:54 Ticket [92fedcbc] Inconsistency between commands ls and changes status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: b930d1af user: nobody
19:29 Ticket [8d073be8] diff/editor/gdiff settings don't support paths with spaces status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: 04201a77 user: nobody
19:19 Open ticket [8d073be8]. artifact: 9178da29 user: nobody
17:17 New ticket [92fedcbc] Inconsistency between commands ls and changes. artifact: eefb1463 user: nobody
11:38 Ticket [72172cc8] Allow deconstruct to ignore already existing files status still Open with 4 other changes artifact: d9cef55a user: nobody
18:19 Closed ticket [5e35dd60]: http_proxy env variable not honoured plus 4 other changes artifact: 3d34af6b user: nobody
17:52 Closed ticket [5e35dd60]. artifact: 1699820f user: nobody
21:48 Ticket [5e35dd60]: 1 change artifact: e78fbed1 user: bch