Help: sync

The "sync" command:

Usage: fossil sync ?URL? ?options?

Synchronize all sharable changes between the local repository and a remote repository. Sharable changes include public check-ins and edits to wiki pages, tickets, and technical notes.

If URL is not specified, then the URL from the most recent clone, push, pull, remote-url, or sync command is used. See "fossil help clone" for details on the URL formats.


-B|--httpauth USER:PASS
Credentials for the simple HTTP auth protocol, if required by the remote website
Use only IPv4, not IPv6
Do not remember URL for subsequent syncs
--proxy PROXY
Use the specified HTTP proxy
Sync private branches too
-R|--repository REPO
Local repository to sync with
--ssl-identity FILE
Local SSL credentials, if requested by remote
--ssh-command SSH
Use SSH as the "ssh" command
Also sync unversioned content
Additional (debugging) output
Exchange extra information with the remote to ensure no content is overlooked

See also: clone, pull, push, remote-url