Customize Skin

Customize the look of this Fossil repository by making changes to the CSS, Header, Footer, and Detail Settings in one of nine "draft" configurations. Then, after verifying that all is working correctly, publish the draft to become the new main Skin.

Step 1: Identify Which Draft To Use

The main skin of Fossil cannot be edited directly. Instead, edits are made to one of nine draft skins. A draft skin can then be published to become the default skin. Nine separate drafts are available to facilitate A/B testing.

Draft skin to edit:

Step 2: Authenticate

You are not authorized to make changes to the draft1 skin. Contact the administrator of this Fossil repository for further information.

Step 3: Initialize The Draft

You are not allowed to initialize draft1. Contact the administrator for this repository for more information.

Step 4: Make Edits

You are not authorized to make edits to the draft1 skin. Contact the administrator of this Fossil repository for help.

Step 5: Verify The Draft Skin

To test this draft skin, insert text "/draft1/" just before the operation name in the URL. Here are a few links to try:

You will probably need to press Reload on your browser before any CSS changes will take effect.

Step 6: Iterate

Repeat step 4 and step 5 as many times as necessary to create a production-ready skin.

Step 7: Publish

Only administrators are allowed to publish draft skins. Contact an administrator to get this "draft1" skin published.

Step 8: Cleanup and Undo Actions

Administrators can optionally remove save legacy skins, or undo a prior publish