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<h1>Notes on how build and upload the precompiled binaries</h1>

<h2>Download Page</h2>
<li>Run "fossil uv edit download.html" to modify the "releases" variable
    in the javascript to add the new release number and title and various
<li>Run "fossil uv sync" to propagate the changes from the previous step.

<li>On the machine named "bella", cd to ~/fossil/static</li>
<li>rm -rf *</li>
<li>../m1/configure --static --disable-fusefs</li>
<li># Edit the Makefile to move -ldl to the end
<li>strip fossil</li>
<li>tar czf fossil-linux-x64-$VERSION.tar.gz fossil
<li>Log into
<li>cd to /home/www/fossil/b1
<li>Run the script ./
<li>Download the file
<li>tar czf fossil-linux-x64-$VERSION.tar.gz fossil

<li>Use MinGW instead of MSVC for windows builds since the resulting binary has
fewer kernel.dll dependencies and works with older versions of windows such as
<li>On the Lenovo Yoga (Windows10) in a MinGW shell in ~/fossil/m1</li>
<li>fossil clean -x</li>
<li>make -f win/makefile.mingw FOSSIL_ENABLE_SSL=1
<li><b>OR:</b> tclsh ../mkfossil.tcl
<li>zip fossil-w32-$ fossil.exe
<li>Visit [] to submit the new
    binary for whitelisting.

<li>On 2015 MacPro in the ~/fossil/m1 directory</li>
<li>fossil clean -f</li>
<li># Edit the Makefile to specify /usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libcrypto.a 
and /usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/libssl.a in place of
    -lcrypto and -lssl, and to add -liconv at the end
<li># Verify dependencies using:  otool -L ./fossil
<li>strip fossil</li>
<li>tar czf fossil-macosx-$VERSION.tar.gz fossil

<h2>Source Tarball</h2>
<li>fossil tarball --name fossil-$VERSION version-$VERSION

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