Release Build How-To

Notes on how Fossil deliverables are built and uploaded

Pre-Release Checklist

After-Release Checklist (This section is to jog the memory of the release manager)

  1. Verify that all items on the Before-Release Checklist have been run
  2. Update the version number and related links on the homepage.
  3. fossil uv edit download.js
  4. Edit the "releases" variable in the javascript to add the new release number and title and various hyperlinks. Perhaps also remove older releases.
  5. Remove obsolete build products: fossil uv rm --glob $PATTERN
  6. fossil uv edit
  7. Update the latest result tarball link
  8. fossil uv edit
  9. Update the list of releases and move the "(latest)" suffix to new top-most entry.
  10. fossil uv sync



Raspberry Pi

Windows 32-bit using MSVC

Windows 64-bit using MSVC