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Ticket UUID: 8e291053ef80e56d06ad9c192ea80ce94e04d762
Title: Color picker (edit check-in properties)
Status: Open Type: Feature_Request
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Subsystem: Resolution: Open
Last Modified: 2011-09-08 21:14:02
Version Found In: b48f78964e
Description & Comments:
Is it doable to include code from in the check-in properties page?

I think there might be a license issue… please tell me

BMorgat added on 2010-09-23 08:46:58:
In particular, example at seems interesting

wolfgang added on 2010-09-25 11:16:58 / edited on 15:20
i think, it should be possible by adding some scripting to the footer. there is an example for syntax highlighting in editor fields in the documentation.

The new button could be added by a pre/post entry in the css for the editor box. Eventually we have to add a new id to the color input. I´ll take a look at the sources.

Using css/javascript in the footer enables us to have a small binary and prevent any licence problems, because adding code is an user decission inside fossil configuration.

Ratte added on 2010-09-26 11:38:55:
with my commit [5b2c837336] on my branch, i've added a version, with an user defined color edit on the checkin edit page.

With this change, you can add jscolor's script to the header and let the script generate the color picker. The classname/id of the input are documented in the default css view on admin/edit-css. For example, you can add the following to your footer:

  if { "$current_page" eq "ci_edit" } {
    html "<script src=\"\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script>"
    html "<script type=\"text/javascript\">"
    html "var myPicker = new jscolor.color(document.getElementById('clrcust'), {hash:true})"
    html "</script>"