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50 check-ins occurring around 893bf2a146be9e9c9910.

Implemented most of the feedback from, with the exceptions being documented in that thread. /pikchrshow now longer uses the mode-swap feature (seems superfluous there) and tapping anywhere in the body, outside of the source/svg container element, now turns off those buttons on all pikchrs where they are currently visible. Consolidated pikchr-rendering impl for markdown/fossil/pikchrshow/pikchr command. ... (check-in: 4f697731 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Changelog update per forum request. ... (check-in: b816bae3 user: stephan tags: trunk)
In pikchr: fix minor details on drawing filled "file" objects and the "fit" operator on "cylinder" objects. ... (check-in: db02f9b8 user: drh tags: trunk)
New pikchr.c file that fixes alignment of chopped lines. ... (check-in: 7c28d11d user: drh tags: trunk)
Bug fixes in the pikchr.c tokenizer. ... (check-in: 36765403 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix problems with the built-in "decompress()" SQL function. ... (check-in: 449ab5d6 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the built-in SQLite and Pikchr to the latest code, for testing. ... (check-in: ecf679b2 user: drh tags: trunk)
Make an appropriate entry in the rcvfrom table when doing a git or svn import. See forum post 92db82a45e for details on the problem that this check-in attempts to fix. ... (check-in: 59ba20f8 user: drh tags: trunk)
pikchrshow, wikiedit, and fileedit now all respond to ctrl-enter in their editor to refresh the preview. The latter two, on their preview tabs, respond to ctrl-enter to switch back to the editor and give it focus. It's now possible to edit, preview, and switch back to the same editing position without the mouse :). ... (check-in: a1838297 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Update to the very latest pikchr.c file for testing. ... (check-in: a9c54aad user: drh tags: trunk)
Allow files to be converted to symlinks and vice versa without an intermediate check-in to delete them ... (check-in: e0aebc21 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Bug fixes in Pandoc identifier generation. Now closed. See branch wiki for discussion. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 77cbe291 user: drh tags: auto-toc)
Automatic table-of-contents generated for Markdown if there is a tag of the form: <!--markdown: toc=N --> where N is an integer that is the deepest level of content that will be added to the index. The TOC is inserted in place of the magic HTML comment. ... (check-in: 6142e11d user: drh tags: auto-toc)
Restore the ability to add symlinks located inside subdirectories ... (check-in: 9d75d6ae user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Remove some end-of-line whitespace and fix some very minor comment typos and capitalization errors ... (check-in: 05379255 user: andygoth tags: trunk)
Enable automatic paragraph numbering in Markdown using a special HTML comment: "<--markdown paragraph-numbers=on -->" ... (check-in: d9a70a1d user: drh tags: auto-toc)
fossil.pikchr.addSrcView() now tags each processed SVG element to avoid potentially processing the same one multiple times. Added fossil.pikchr support to /doc, /wiki, and /wikiedit/fileedit previews. This is harmless if there are no pikchrs or JS is disabled. ... (check-in: 83f03e91 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Fix the markdown converter so that it recognizes HTML comments and passes them through into the raw_html_tag callback. ... (check-in: 881f8664 user: drh tags: trunk)
Provide a custom structure to the "opaque" pointer of the generic Markdown translator for use when translating Markdown into HTML. ... (check-in: b61dcef9 user: drh tags: trunk)
Restrict pikchr svg/source toggle to clicks, per forum feedback. ... (check-in: 4e757d8c user: stephan tags: trunk)
When parsing HTML attribute values in Fossil Wiki formatting, do not allow quoting characters inside of non-quoted values. ... (check-in: b07834b3 user: drh tags: trunk)
Added post expand/collapse JS to forum post create/edit pages and activated pikchr source/svg toggle on those pages. This is all nice-to-have JS, not required, so won't break non-JS-capable clients. ... (check-in: db865174 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Make use of the new PIKCHR_INCLUDE_SOURCE flag via /pikchrshow and the pikchr CLI command. ... (check-in: 7da8813e user: stephan tags: trunk)
Include pikchr source text in the generated SVG. ... (check-in: 041390d3 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the file_mkfolder() function so that it works for files in the root directory. ... (check-in: 74c4732f user: drh tags: trunk)
Consolidate pikchrshow page/pikchr command use of pikchr()/th1 into a shared routine. Though /pikchrshow does not currently allow th1-processed scripts, it might be interesting to enable for users with edit/checkin (or admin) rights. ... (check-in: 893bf2a1 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Found a couple snazzy icons for the pikchr view mode change button. ... (check-in: 927c90e8 user: stephan tags: trunk)
The window.fossil bootstrapping code now adds the CSS class 'fossil-dark-style' to the body element if the skin has a true white-foreground setting. The initial use case for this is CSS-based color changing for pikchr SVGs, so that the same pikchrs work in light and dark themes. ... (check-in: e8f603f0 user: stephan tags: trunk)
pikchrshow: corrected clipboard copy contents for raw SVG mode (it was including containing DIV element). ... (check-in: bb56d3d5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
New pikchr.c that fixes an additional problem with "to" terms on line paths and that ensures that "dot" objects to not change the exit point. ... (check-in: 863d2722 user: drh tags: trunk)
New pikchr.c fixes an issue with handling of the "to" phrase on a line that already has an incomplete direction add. ... (check-in: 868c38e3 user: drh tags: trunk)
New pikchr.c that fixes the arc bounding box problem. ... (check-in: c17f5fe2 user: drh tags: trunk)
pikchr: experimentally only show the source/svg and copy buttons when the mouse is over the pikchr area or the user taps on it (which toggles the buttons). This allows us to make them a bit bigger and keeps them from blocking nearby UI elements when they're not needed. ... (check-in: 460376e6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
pikchr: documented what appears to be a fundamental incompatibility between our desire to open the source view in the same size/pos as the SVG view and how centering is handled. We seem to have two evils to choose from and currently use what seems to be the lesser of them. ... (check-in: a35126bf user: stephan tags: trunk)
When toggling pikchr SVG/src view, unset parent element's max-width for src view and re-install it for SVG view. This allows small images to have a sanely-sized source view. ... (check-in: 212d01c1 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Had to move the pikchr svg/source buttons along the top to keep them from getting truncated off-screen in the forum. Added them to the forum. There are sizing problems of the source view for small pics because the parent element has a fixed max-width. ... (check-in: 4e6aeb5f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Renamed fossil.pikchr-util.js to fossil.pikchr.js. Minor UI tweaks in the pikchr-related bits. ... (check-in: f5c04086 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Moved SVG/pikchr mode buttons to the left of the SVG so that their positions remain stable when switching images in pikchrshow or resizing them via window-resize in other views. CSS-animated the mode-change button toggle. ... (check-in: b74d1a3f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added UI control to toggle arbitrary pikchr SVG files between SVG and source views, along with a copy button to copy the source of the currently-selected view. Requires pikchr.c code which is not currently in the fossil tree, but once that code is imported, this feature will activate automatically. Currently only used by pikchrshow, but is trivial to activate in arbitrary pages. fossil.copybutton API now uses flashOnce as its default oncopy event handler, to simplify its most common usage. ... (check-in: 475b3a7f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Minor pikchr command doc update. ... (check-in: 120558e5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
pikchrshow now supports stashing a single pikchr to/from browser-local storage to enable switching back and forth between example scripts while editing one's own script. Experimentally re-indented the C-side implementation to make its generated HTML hierarchy clearer. Over-the-wire size is now 4.8kb. ... (check-in: 49a04c97 user: stephan tags: trunk)
/wiki links which pointed to the Sandbox page now link to /wikiedit to accommodate recent changes in the sandbox handling. ... (check-in: 56a74463 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Typo fix and changelog pikchr update. ... (check-in: d9b42358 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Added pikchr CLI command to process pikchr scripts, optionally with embedded TH1. ... (check-in: 5173701d user: stephan tags: trunk)
pikchr command doc updates. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: f2248f81 user: stephan tags: pikchr-th)
Changed th1 enable_htmlify call semantics. Fixed a bug introduced in [6f7f73b6] which entirely broke th1 rendering in skins. ... (check-in: 7996a794 user: stephan tags: pikchr-th)
Added th1 (enable_htmlify bool) command so that pikchr th1 code in th1Docs has a way of toggling that g.th1Flag off and on. ... (check-in: 6f7f73b6 user: stephan tags: pikchr-th)
Import the latest pikchr.c code with boundary-point updates. ... (check-in: fbe96ea9 user: drh tags: trunk)
Added captureTh1 to www/, hyperlinked the entries of the th1 command list to their doc sections, and replaced "a name=..." with "a id=...", as the former is long since deprecated (has the same effect, though). ... (check-in: e7dcfc90 user: stephan tags: pikchr-th)
Added captureTh1 TH1 command which runs TH1 and captures any output as a string, which becomes the function's result. ... (check-in: c3991493 user: stephan tags: pikchr-th)