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About branch graph-test-branch

The branch named "graph-test-branch" is used as a test case for Fossil features. This branch contains a cherrypick merge from a prior check-in that had already seen a normal merge, as a test of the ability to draw a timeline graph that contains both kinds of merge arrows. Here are two test cases:

The graph-test-branch also serves as a test case for the feature that associates wiki pages with branch names, as a means of documenting branches. This wiki page should be displayed in contexts where information about the graph-test-branch is requested.

3 check-ins related to "graph-test-branch"
This checkin does a cherrypick merge off of another checkin that already has a prior full merge. The purpose of this checkin is to provide a test case for the cherrypick graph drawing logic. The code in this checkin is not intended to actually be used for anything. ... (Leaf check-in: dc81ac70 user: drh tags: graph-test-branch)
Attempt to draw the entire length of a cherrypick merge line using a dashed line. ... (check-in: 236586d6 user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove two unused variables (introduced by [2efcd19f14] through copy-and-paste) ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: cf0f6fc8 user: florian tags: cmd-options-amend)