Help: chat

The "chat" command:

Usage: fossil chat [SUBCOMMAND] [--remote URL] [ARGS...]

This command performs actions associated with the /chat instance on the default remote Fossil repository (the Fossil repository whose URL shows when you run the "fossil remote" command) or to the URL specified by the --remote option. If there is no default remote Fossil repository and the --remote option is omitted, then this command fails with an error.


fossil chat

When there is no SUBCOMMAND (when this command is simply "fossil chat") the response is to bring up a web-browser window to the chatroom on the default system web-browser. You can accomplish the same by typing the appropriate URL into the web-browser yourself. This command is merely a convenience for command-line oriented people.

fossil chat pull

Copy chat content from the server down into the local clone, as a backup or archive. Setup privilege is required on the server.
Download all chat content. Normally only previously undownloaded content is retrieved.
Additional debugging output
Store CHAT table in separate database file DATABASE rather that adding to local clone
Allow the use of unencrypted http://

fossil chat send [ARGUMENTS]

This command sends a new message to the chatroom. The message to be sent is determined by arguments as follows:
-f|--file FILENAME
File to attach to the message
Causes --file FILENAME to be sent with the attachment name FILENAME2
-m|--message TEXT
Text of the chat message
--remote URL
Send to this remote URL
Allow the use of unencrypted http://

fossil chat url

Show the default URL used to access the chat server.

Additional subcommands may be added in the future.