User Configuration Notes

User Configuration Notes:

  1. Every user, logged in or not, inherits the privileges of nobody.

  2. Any human can login as anonymous since the password is clearly displayed on the login page for them to type. The purpose of requiring anonymous to log in is to prevent access by spiders. Every logged-in user inherits the combined privileges of anonymous and nobody.

  3. Users with privilege u inherit the combined privileges of reader, anonymous, and nobody.

  4. Users with privilege v inherit the combined privileges of developer, anonymous, and nobody.

  5. The permission flags are as follows:

    a Admin: Create and delete users
    b Attach: Add attachments to wiki or tickets
    c Append-Tkt: Append to tickets
    d Delete: Delete wiki and tickets
    e View-PII: View sensitive data such as email addresses
    f New-Wiki: Create new wiki pages
    g Clone: Clone the repository
    h Hyperlinks: Show hyperlinks to detailed repository history
    i Check-In: Commit new versions in the repository
    j Read-Wiki: View wiki pages
    k Write-Wiki: Edit wiki pages
    l Mod-Wiki: Moderator for wiki pages
    m Append-Wiki: Append to wiki pages
    n New-Tkt: Create new tickets
    o Check-Out: Check out versions
    p Password: Change your own password
    q Mod-Tkt: Moderator for tickets
    r Read-Tkt: View tickets
    s Setup/Super-user: Setup and configure this website
    t Tkt-Report: Create new bug summary reports
    u Reader: Inherit privileges of user reader
    v Developer: Inherit privileges of user developer
    w Write-Tkt: Edit tickets
    x Private: Push and/or pull private branches
    y Write-Unver: Push unversioned files
    z Zip download: Download a ZIP archive or tarball
    2 Forum-Read: Read forum posts by others
    3 Forum-Append: Add new forum posts
    4 Forum-Trusted: Add pre-approved forum posts
    5 Forum-Moderator: Approve or disapprove forum posts
    6 Forum-Supervisor: Forum administrator: Set or remove capability "4" for other users
    7 Email-Alerts: Sign up for email nofications
    A Announce: Send announcements
    D Debug: Enable debugging features